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Friday, April 30, 2010

Clean up shorelines NOW!

To: info
Sent: Friday, April 30, 2010 11:21 AM
Subject: Clean up shorelines NOW!

I have been out to the staging area at NAS and to the central command unit in Pensacola. Dozens of booms have been placed in our area. The largest efforts are focused to keep oil out of the inland water areas. BP contractors and the Coastguard are attempting to deflect the oil to an area for catchment. There are three catchment areas as of right now (and dozens of deflection booms).
According to consultants working for BP, the best thing we can do right now to prepare for oil making landfall is to clean up the shorelines. The less garbage and debris on shorelines the easier they are to clean up. I know the weather is not going to be friendly, but if you can get to your favorite shoreline today or tomorrow you can help speed up the clean up process.
DO NOT remove any live plants. Simply remove any garbage, large shells, drift wood, etc. Debris should be removed to the extent that wave and tides can reach.
I was also informed that plans are being made to train and organize volunteers for cleanup efforts in the days and weeks to follow. I will let you know when I hear further details about this.

Chasidy Fisher Hobbs
Emerald Coastkeeper, Inc.
o: 850-429-8422

We need members to help in our fight for clean water. Please Join NOW: www.emeraldcoastkeeper.org/donate

Proud member of

"Never underestimate the power a few dedicated citizens have to change the world, indeed that is all that ever has" Margaret Mead

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Toni & Friends" Live JAZZ - Thursday Nights at Bangkok House

Yeah...you know the drill...Bangin' out at the Bangkok! Come on out...tons of fun...lots of folks in town this week. Hope to see you in the Boogaloo Room Thursday nights! The band has as much fun as you guys do. Sue T. serves dinner ALL NIGHT. Happy Hour 'till 8 pm just for you guys....Thanks again for helping us keep it alive.

"The Great Deluge" - a solo multi-media exhibition by Doria Grace

Exhibition May 29th - June 22nd
Saturday, May 29th from 6-9! 

"The Great Deluge" is a multi-media exhibition by Doria Grace dealing with environmental issues related to water and the iconography of "Deluge" (flood) mythology. The exhibit will consist of a 25 foot mural made of paper and spray paint, large format digital photography and paining on canvas, as well as a time sensitive sculpture made of ice, water, clay, steel, masonite, and ink.

Artist Statement
Doria Grace is a multi-media artist who has been recreating her personal dream-imagery for over a decade. This exploration intensified in the year 2002 in the city of Montreal, Canada. At that time Doria's displacement from the tropical waters of her home in Florida prompted her to investigate the significance of water's reoccuring imagery in her work. During the 7 years she spent in the northeast surrounded by snow and ice, Doria began digging deep into the dreams and memories of her lifelong engagement with large bodies of water. Doria Grace started by first confronting her emotional body, her childhood self, which had long resided in the Deep South, filled with folklore, mystery and horror. Those first few series of underwater self-portraits pertained to the abjection of the body, the mystical, the fantastical, and the autobiographical and also called upon Doria's childhood memory of full body submersion-baptism in the Southern Baptist Church.

Over the past few years Doria Grace has moved on to look at water as a signifier on a more global scale. Her research has taken her into ancient “deluge” (or flood) mythologies, which can be traced back to every culture, from Judeo-Christian to American Indian. Those stories resonate with Doria at this particular point in time due to the impending threat of our modern day ice caps melting. This, her fourth solo show, demands awareness while investigating the theoretical and imagined impact that the melted water from our ice caps would have upon our coast lines and major cities throughout the world.

As a multi-media artist Doria Grace utilizes large format digital prints, graffiti, paintings, drawings, sculpture, and video to envelop the viewer in a sublime world wholly her own. One filled with grace, mystique, and elegance. Although her early work and self-portraits sometimes offer a fleeting glimpse of a sinking subject, there is no apparent threat, danger, or urgency. She drifts through a serene, womb-like garden of ephemeral emotion in calm control, yet maintains a subtle vulnerability. For Doria Grace the ancient element of water signifies and embodies all that is hidden behind the veil of consciousness, and in which she explores that which lies beneath the surface.

Doria Grace is an artist, curator, graphic and interior designer, art instructor, and stylist consultant. She has exhibited and promoted shows in such metropolitan areas as Los Angeles, Boston, Montreal, as well as Warwick's Museum of Art in Rhodes Island, and all throughout her home state of Florida. Her work is featured in private collections throughout the United States, as well as Germany, Canada, and most recently by the Cambridge Research Institute faculty in England. 

www.fullcirclefwb.com Full circle Gallery is a contemporary and inspirational art space. Unique to the Fort Walton Beach area, we offer an array of artistic workshops and feature the works of regional artists in our gallery.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Buccaneer Gift Shop

Speaking Of Business With: 

Buccaneer Gift Shop

Owners: Jeff Ring along with his Cheryl Griffin and father Oscar Ring
Address: 152 Miracle Strip Parkway
Phone: 850-244-5002
Hours: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 12 to 6 p.m. on Sundays are the official hours, but they usually stay
Web site: www.buccaneergiftshop.com; they are also on Facebook
Business Philosophy: We try to treat people like we would like to be treated. We stay consistent on everything we do.
DAILY NEWS: When did your business start?
DN: What type of products and services do you offer?
BGS: We have Coca-Cola memorabilia, we do NASCAR, we have a few antiques and collectibles, like Elvis and Marilyn. Things like that. Coke is our big items. Actually, Coca-Cola did a 35th anniversary Coke bottle for us. We’re probably one of the only small businesses they’ve done that for. We did really well with that. It actually brought people from all over the country with that.
DN: What does your business add to the community and why did you decide to start it?
BGS: It is a family business. My mother and father started it. My father used to go around and find stuff he could put in some antique stores. That was more of a hobby for him. We’ve sort of grew from sewing souvenirs and different things and evolved into what we are now.
DN: What do you do that sets you apart from other businesses?
BGS: A lot of the stuff we handle is just hard to find items. Coke has such a history with the United States, a lot of people like us because of that or they use it in restaurant decorations. We do sell a lot of that to a lot of restaurants.
DN: What challenges do you face in the current economy?
BGS: Mainly what we did, to make it work better we just stayed a little bit longer hours and do a little more promotions. We seem to be staying about where we were. When you’re in the field that we’re in, there’s not a lot of it. That’s what helps us out. It’s stuff that you can’t find just anywhere. It’s one of those neat little things that if someone likes it, they really want it.


Speaking Of Business With: Buccaneer Gift Shop | hours, stay, ring - Business - Northwest Florida Daily News

Speaking Of Business With: Buccaneer Gift Shop | hours, stay, ring - Business - Northwest Florida Daily News

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Liquid Surf and Sail Paddle Board Race Series Apr28th, May26th & Jun30th

We are doing it again this year, but bigger and better! This will be a 3 series event, you can just participate in one or all three! This is the first part of the series, the next 2 will be May 26th, and the last one will be June 30th. (We will send new invites for reminders close to those dates) Here are the details:

-held at Scully's on the Bayou...great drinks, food, and music for the race!

-registration is at 5:30pm

-$15 for entire series, or $8 per race

-Free shirt for every participant!

-Trophy ceremony will be on June 30th (only people that participate in the entire series will be eligible)

-Short Track Race: 6pm

-Distance Race: 6:30pm

This event is for all ages and all experience levels! Whether you paddle every night, or never have touched a paddleboard, this event is for you! I hope to see all of you out there...even if you don't want to paddle, come cheer everyone on!

Any questions, feel free to message me on Facebook, email me at work at sales@liquidsurfandsail.com, or call the shop at 850-664-5731!

Liquid Surf & Sail -Free lessons 2nd & 4th Sunday every month!

That's right...we are now offering FREE standup paddleboard and surf lessons the second and fourth Sunday of each month, starting May 9th. Our surf and SUP "gooru" Rhys will teach you all you need to know to get you on the water and going!


-at beach access #5 on Santa Rosa Blvd. on the island

-rentals will be available, or bring your own board!

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me here, email me at work at sales@liquidsurfandsail.com, or call the shop at 850-664-5731.

Cleaning Services

Two Maids & A Mop
119 Hollywood Blvd
Ste 206
Fort walton Beach, FL 32548
(850) 664-6243

Emerald Coast Sailing Association - Summer Lessons


The Emerald Coast Sailing Association is a non-profit association formed in 1992 when a group of Okaloosa County sailing fathers realized a need for an organization to foster local sailing. Several of the area's top sailors encountered difficulty with campaign fundraising and local community recreational programs needed help.

The ECSA now provides financial assistance for area sailors competing at United States Sailing Association sanctioned regional events through Olympic and world championship events. ECSA also engages in a number of educational programs designed to attract new sailors, educate and train those already sailing, and promote safety for all in a "lifetime" sport. The association is guided by a ten member Board of Trustees selected for their interest, skills, and contributions to the sailing world. 

George Goodall - President
Emerald Coast Sailing Association
215 Beachview Drive
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547
Phone: 850-862-7276   

Big City - Mother's Day Brunch

A New Leash on Life - Saturday May 1st

Location: The Landing on Brooks Street , Downtown Fort Walton

Schedule of Events:

8:00am “New Leash on Life” Dog Walk/Run Late Registration Begins

9:30am All participants must be registered by this time

10:00am Official “New Leash on Life” Dog Walk/Run Starts

11:30am Adoptathon Opens: We will have a day filled with games, demonstrations, Dachshund Races, Mixed Melee Races and booths with animal care information as well as many, many rescue organizations on hand with dogs looking for their new forever home.

Fun for the Whole Family!!

The Panhandle Animal Welfare Society’s “New Leash on Life Dog Walk/Run” and Adoptathon is an event that will be filled with many fun activities the entire family will enjoy. Come watch or participate in dog related games, Dachshund Races, Mixed Melee Races, training demonstrations, animal information booths, pet photography area, paw printing booth. So come walk with your best friend!

$5.00 Rabies shots and $15.00 Microchips - Noon until 3:00pm

Individuals, families and “Packs” can participate in the run/walk. When you form a “Pack” (minimum of 5 walkers per “Pack”), both the fun and the funds are raised to new levels. It is a great way to get together, have a great time and get some publicity for your company or club and support the animals at PAWS at
the same time.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Florida Ghosts and the Afterlife at FWB Library

Fort Walton Beach - Meet author Terry Fisk on Thursday, May 6th at 12:00 p.m. noon, in the meeting room of the Fort Walton Beach Library. Fisk will be discussing “Florida Ghosts and the Afterlife”. Fisk is a paranormal investigator for Unexplained Research, LLC, and has investigated UFOs, Bigfoot, crop circles, and ghosts. This program examines some of the haunted locations in Florida personally investigated by Mr. Fisk. He will share photos, case histories, eyewitness accounts, and ghost lore. This one hour program is free and no sign up is required.

The library is located at 185 Miracle Strip Parkway, in downtown Fort Walton Beach at the corner of Eglin Parkway. Parking is on First Street to the North and Ferry Road to the East. Call 833-9590 for additional information.

Emerald Coast Science Center Summer Camp

Super Science Camps
Get your budding scientists ready for exploring, discovering, and learning fun! We have programs to satisfy the most curious of minds and bring out the scientist in your child! Whether they are curious about robotics, enjoy solving mysteries or want to explore infinity and beyond, we have a class that will satisfy them!

Dining Out for Life - April 29th- Fort Walton Restaurants

Please join us on Thursday, April 29th, 2010 for OASIS' 6th Annual
Dining Out for Life on the Emerald Coast!
when community-minded restaurants in Fort Walton Beach, Grayton Beach, Niceville, and Pensacola will join hundreds of others in a nationwide fundraiser for their local HIV/AIDS Service Organizations.
Making a difference is as easy as going out to eat!
When you eat at one of our participating restaurants on April 29th, up to 50% of your bill will go directly to OASIS (Okaloosa AIDS Support & Informational Services, Inc.) to be used locally in its mission to prevent the spread of HIV and provide humanitarian assistance to area residents and families affected by HIV and AIDS.
As a bonus for Dining Out, you'll be eligible to win some great prizes, too!
To find the perfect restaurant for you, just click on Participating Restaurants and browse the list - there's something for everyone! Then send your friends and family an invitation to join you using our convenient Email a Friend feature.
Save the date - Thursday, April 29th! - and step up to the plate
for one of the most satisfying meals you'll ever eat!
...and remember to keep our restaurants in mind the next time you're eating out - let them know you appreciate their support of OASIS by rewarding them with your patronage year-'round!

Big City - An American Bistro
View Details
Tel: (850)664-0664
Donation: 20%
Brooks Bridge Bar-B-Que and Cafe
View Details
Tel: (850)244-3003
Donation: 20%
Magnolia Grill
View Details
Tel: (850)302-0266
Donation: 25%
Old Bay Steamer
View Details
Tel: (850)664-2795
Donation: 20%
Slick Mick's Deli & Grill
View Details
Tel: (850)864-5577
Donation: 15%

Musical Echoes 2010 - April 23 - 25 - Schedule


Performer / Event
10:30am - 12:30pm• Ed Winddancer & Raymond Redfeather - Kids Show
12:00 noonFestival Opens
• Dock Green
• Thunderbird
12:30 - 2:00pmFlute Players Competition
2:00 - 3:30pmSet Up & Sound Check
3:30 - 4:00pmEd Winddancer
4:00 - 4:15pmAnnouncement of "Players" Competitions Winners
4:15- 4:55pmMark Holland
5:00 - 6:00pmNation of Change
6:00 - 6:45pmScott August
6:45 - 7:00pmCall To Stage
• Nation of Change
• Ed Winddancer
• Michael Brant DeMaria
7:00 - 7:15pmOpening Ceremony
• Dock Green Invocation
• Thunderbird Honor Guard Presentation of Colors
• Mayor Anderson escorted by Nation of Change
• Mayor Anderson to Open Festival
7:15 - 7:25pmFlute Players Competition Winner
7:30 - 8:15pmJeff Ball and others
8:30pm to CloseMichael Searching Bear

Performer / Event
9:30 -
Flute Makers & Art Competition entries must be registered in main tent
10:00amFestival Opens
• Dock Green
• Thunderbird Honor Guard
10:15 -
Keith Davis
11:00 -
Emerson Begay
12:00 -
Jonny Lipford
12:45pmWinners of Arts & Flute Makers Competition announced
1:00 -
• Ed Winddancer
• David Baxter
• Dale Palmer
• Robin Horne
• Raymond Redfeather

Flutes & Arts competition entries on display in the main festival tent
1:40 - 2:00pmBilly Whitefox vs Ed Winddancer in a duel of the decade
2:00 -
Billy Whitefox
3:00 -
Scott August
4:00 -
Nation of Change
5:00 -
Michael Brant DeMaria
6:00 -
Torchlight Ceremony
6:30 -
Michael Searching Bear
7:20 -
Dock Green
7:30 - 8:20pmWind & Fire
8:30 -
Jeff Ball
Performer / Event
8:30 - 9:15amDock Green - Sunday Morning Worship (upper park area)
10:00amFestival Opens
10:00 -
Open Mic
10:30 -
Open Mic
11:00 -
Open Mic
11:00am -
Drum Circle with Michael Brant DeMaria (upper park area)
11:00amRobin Horne - Free beginner flute class
11:30am -
Coyote Oldman
12:00 - 12:40pmMichael Searching Bear
1:00 -
Jonny Lipford
1:30 -
Scott August
2:00 -
Raffle & Silent Auction
2:30 -
• Michael Brant DeMaria & Friends
• Mark Holland
• Jeff Ball
• Scott August
• Jonny Lipford
• Michael Searching Bear
• And Others

Monday, April 19, 2010

April 20th- 25th Downtown Events

Fort Walton Beach
Upcoming Events

Every Tuesday 
Tuesday Night Run
Come join us on Tuesday nights at 6pm for a run or walk (you pick your pace).We have a 3.1 or 6.2 mile route or anything in between. We follow the Brooks Street race course its flat and lighted. Come out and meet a great group of fellow runners and walkers. 
Free beer afterward! Location : Run With It  Contact : 243-1007

Every Friday 
Downtown Art Walk
The Downtown Merchants of Historic Fort Walton Beach, Florida invite you every Friday to “Downtown Art Walk” to view local works of art at participating stores from 5:30pm-8:30pm. Complimentary beverages and hors d’ oeuvres are served by most merchants. For more information, contact Tara Wesley at: theclosetswap@gmail.com , The Closet Swap, 222A Miracle Strip Parkway 850-226-7763.


Fri 23rd -Sun 25th 
Musical Echoes 
The Landing on Brooks Street
Enjoy the many performances and share an extraordinary weekend of music with internationally acclaimed musicians. Interact with Native American Craftsmen demonstrating their arts and selling their wares. Attend seminars and learn to make/play a Native American Style flute. Take part in the annual Torchlight Remembrance Ceremony.
All non-workshop events at the Landing are FREE and open to the public.

Sat 24th 
Lego Construction Gears
Emerald Coast Science Center
Time: 9am - Noon
Create structures and learn about physics and engineering in a fun and interactive way. This class will teach you about simple machines and the basics of engineering. Using LEGOS, you will build the simple machines and learn how each one works. Each class concludes with a challenge activity. Age: 3rd—5th Grade Cost: ECSC Members – $21 per class, Non-members - $24 per class

Sat 24th
Fire and Earth Pottery Expo
10am -4:30
Fort Walton Beach - The Fort Walton Beach Heritage Park & Cultural Center will host the 2nd Annual Fire and Earth: 2010 Coastal Pottery Expo on Saturday, April 24th, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Fire and Earth will celebrate the ancient art form of ceramics and pottery by featuring all forms, genres, mediums, and styles created by potters and ceramic artistans throughout the Gulf Coast region. Award winning potters and ceramic artists will display, sell, and share their work with the public on the museum grounds throughout the day.

The exposition will also include reduced admission in the Indian Temple Mound Museum gallery to explore the unique ceramic objects the prehistoric people of Fort Walton left behind and their meaning. Admission for the day will be $1.00.

The museum gallery features one of the finest collections of Fort Walton Culture ceramics in the Southeastern United States. Additionally, several demonstrations, from a ground firing to a wheel-throwing demo and kiln firing by professional potters, will occur for the public to enjoy. The rain date will be April 25, 2010.

Heritage Park & Cultural Center is located at 139 Miracle Strip Parkway SE. For further information please contact Programming Coordinator Mike Thomin at 850.833.9595.

The City of Fort Walton Beach Heritage Park & Cultural Center is a cultural services division of the City and is committed to providing area historical educational programming.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2010 Trimaran Nationals

2010 Trimaran Nationals

April 14 - 18, 2010 - the Nationals return to Ft Walton Yacht Club.
FWYC has been host to this event several times. For 2010, FWYC is proud to host the Trimaran Nationals.
2010 is also the 25th anniversary of the F27, inducted into the America Sailboat Hall of Fame in 2004. A special trophy will be awarded to the top F27 in honor of this anniversary.

Expected Classes:

        Corsair 24        Corsair Sprint 750    F-27
        Corsair 28R     Corsair 28                  F-31
        Corsair 31        F-25C                          Open PHRF Tris


        April 14-18, 2010


        Ft Walton Yacht Club
        180 Ferry Rd NE
        Ft Walton Beach, FL


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Free movie Day at FWB Library- April 17th

Movie Day at the FWB Library

Fort Walton Beach - The Fort Walton Beach Library will host a free children’s movie day on Saturday, April 17th, at 1:00 p.m. in the library meeting room. There will be free pizza and drinks available. For movie title and rating, please call the library at 833-9590.

The library is located at 185 Miracle Strip Parkway, in downtown Fort Walton Beach at the corner of Eglin Parkway. Parking is on First Street to the North and Ferry Road to the East.

Grand Opening

Announcing the grand opening & open house of the following:
Amy's Attic
The Old Beaded Purse
Crabtree Imports

Raffle drawing for: 
$75 in gift certificates-Persian Rug-Candle Basket-Chimenea

When: Tues April 13 (today) thru Sat. April 17

Where: 120-128 S.E.Eglin Pkwy, 1 block from Hwy 98, next to Gold's Gym