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Friday, May 21, 2010

Full Circle Gallery - Upcoming Classes & Events

Dear Artists & Art Lovers,

The Full Circle Gallery is looking forward to Laurel Siwicki's Figure Sculpture class this Sunday!  We cannot wait to see what you kind of figures are created.

We are also looking forward to Doria Grace's experimental and thought proving installation that will open Saturday, May 29th at 6:00pm.  This show is about the melting of the glaciers and the destruction of our planets water ways; a subject that is really hitting home with all the oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico.  Doria Grace hopes that this show will be an arena for community dialogue as well as a place to gather in reverence to the fragility of our planet.  Read below for more information about her show and other happenings at the Full Circle Gallery.

This Sunday Guest Artist Workshop

Laural Siwicki Woman sculptuer in clay
Figures in Clay
Sunday, May 23rd & 30th 1:00 - 3:00
Cost $60 + $10 material fee

During this workshop students will create a figure while learning how to use different hand-building techniques in clay. Students will have several types of figures to choose from to make: an angel for the coming holiday, an animal or human figure, or a figure that allows them to use their self-expression. Using slap, molds, impressing, stamping, and pinching, students will create a figurative work in clay. This is a two day workshop. On the first day students will create their figures; on the following day they will glaze their pieces.

The Great Deluge | Doria Grace
May 29th - June 22nd
Reception: Saturday, May 29th, 6-9pm

Doria Grace Promo Image

Over the past few years, Doria Grace has moved on to look at water as a signifier on a more global scale. Her research has taken her into ancient "deluge" (flood) mythologies, which can be traced back to every culture, from Judeo-Christian to American Indian. Scientists say that those stories originated during the end of the Ice Age, when glaciers across the world began to melt, displacing villages and tribes in their wake. These stories resonate with Doria Grace at this particular point in time due to the melting of our modern-day ice caps. This, her fourth solo show, demands awareness while investigating the theoretical and imagined impact that the melted water from our ice caps would have upon our coast lines and major cities throughout the world. Doria began planning this exhibition long before news of the oil spill hit the Gulf Coast, and it seems sadly appropriate that the reception will take place alongside the community's efforts to save our wildlife and our waters. She hopes that this show will be an arena for community dialogue as well as a place to gather in reverence to the fragility of our planet. more...

 Summer Classes for Kids & Teens
June & July
kids throwing potter

One Day Classes                

Tuesday 11:00-12:30
per session, includes all materials
Beading (5+)

June 15
Design your own friendship bracelet or bookmark using a variety of stone, clay and precious metal beads.

Clay Tray Making (5+) 
June 22
Using stamps and texture tools, students will make and decorate clay trays.

Found Object Sculpture (5+) 
June 29
In this class we will make a flower out of an old soda can and talk about how to make other found object assemblages.

Tie-dye (5+)
July 6
Bring in a white t-shirt or socks and turn it into a brightly colored masterpiece.

Silk Scarf Painting (8+)
July 13
Use a process of wax and dyes to create your own silk scarf.

July 20
Turn your plain notebooks into colorful and unique works of art.

Journal Making (8+)
July 27
Learn to make your own books, journals or sketch books!

Thursday 11:00-12:30

Paint the Masters
June 17 or June 24
In this class students will look at Renaissance masterpieces and create their own interpretation of a masters work.

July 1
Design your own friendship bracelet or bookmark using a variety of stone, clay and precious metal bead.

July 8
Bring in a white t-shirt or socks and turn it into a brightly colored masterpiece.

Make a Clay Coil Planter
July 15
In this session, students will learn the basics of coil pot construction and come away with an amazing coil planter.

Make a Clay Bird Feeder
July 22
Students will get to learn basic hand-building while creating a fun vessel to feed the birds.

Make a Clay Wall Pocket
July 29
Create a clay masterpiece that you can hang on your wall and put letters, plants or other treasures in!

4 Day Classes                   

Tuesday-Friday 1:00-4:00
$150 per session, includes all materials 
If you sign up the same student for more than one 4 day class at a time, receive a 5% discount.

Clay Sculpture (8+)
June 15-18
During this week, students will get the opportunity to create realistic figures, abstract forms, and a group assemblage pieces. They will not only learn about three dimensional composition, they will have amazing sculptures that they will treasure for years to come.

Hand Building (5+) 
June 22-25
Students will make their own coil pots, pinched form and slab tray.

Journaling and Journal Making (8+)
June 29-July 2
Learn to make your own books, journals, and sketch books! This class will cover basic binding techniques as well as fun ways to use the journals.

Pottery Wheel Throwing (8+) 
July 6-9
This week's students will get to concentrate on the pottery wheel. They will get to make their own bowls, vases, mugs and more. The pieces they make will be food safe and they will get to enjoy them for years to come.

Painting & Drawing
July 13-16
Learn exciting painting and drawing techniques using charcoal, watercolor and acrylic.

Jewelry Making
July 20-23
Learn basic wire construction, macramé, & beading. Walk away with your own jewelry!

Self Portraiture Painting & Clay
July 27-30
This class is about self-exploration. Students will work in a variety
of mediums such as clay, paint and collage to create images of themselves.

Teen Classes                          

Pottery for Teens (13+)
6 Sessions $150 includes materials during class and studio time.
Fridays 1:00-3:00pm June 4-July 9
Designed for teens who want to experience clay, try out the potters wheel, and learn to express themselves in clay. This class includes an introduction to the potter's wheel, focusing on wedging, shaping, trimming, glazing techniques, and studio safety. Aesthetics will be discussed and other studio techniques may be explored. Glazing and surface decoration will round out the entire process. No prior experience is required. Demonstrations, group discussions and one-to-one attention will be given to each student. Come work in a real pottery studio environment!

Journaling and Bookbinding (13+)
3 Sessions $75 includes materials
Friday 1:00-3:00pm July 16-30
In this class students will learn how to make their own handcrafted books. The three book binding techniques they will be introduced to are Saddle Stitch, Coptic Binding and Yotsume Toji a Japanese bookbinding technique in which four holes are made near one edge. Then it is sewn in a pattern to bind the pages together. Students will walk away with beautify books of their creation and the knowledge to make more.

Space is limited, so call today!

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