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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Northwest Florida Ballet Academie

NFB Académie

The NFB Académie is a free, integrated arts and academic education program for third through eighth grade boys and girls who demonstrate the potential to excel in dance.

Students selected for the program have concentrated instruction in ballet as a part of their overall academic and artistic education. Directed by Todd Eric Allen, Artistic Director of Northwest Florida Ballet, the NFB Académie faculty consists of well-qualified, certified academic teachers and ballet professionals

The Artistic Program

Ballet instruction is based on the standards of schools of the major European and American ballet organizations. The syllabus, unique to NFB Académie, integrates elements from the best in progressive and acclaimed classical ballet training methods, and the latest advances in the science of movement. It is carefully designed to develop young bodies without injury to immature bone and joint structure. Students are selected by audition in May for all grades. Applicants must have attended the Académie since third grade. No prior training is required. Selection is based solely on the student’s potential to learn to dance

The Academic Program

The program’s commitment to developing the whole person is reflected in its strong academic program carefully integrated with artistic development. Students attend classes at the Sybil Lebherz Center for Dance Education Monday through Friday. Certified elementary school teachers, under the direction of the Okaloosa County School District, supervise the program and have charge of the students during the school day. Academic subjects are reading, writing, math, science, and French (French is the language of ballet instruction). Subjects taught once a week include art and music. All students wear tasteful uniforms with everyday and dress-up components.


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