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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello EAT LOCAL friends! ...movie night is upon us again!

Hello EAT LOCAL friends!
...movie night is upon us again!
Let's continue our monthly tradition of gathering together to share food and watch another great film!!!
"GROWING LOCAL - The Truth About YOUR Food" 
brought to you by Raw & Juicy and Twin Oaks Farm 

Tuesday Feb 8th : Movie begins at 6:30 in the building above Fokkers 

"What's Organic about Organic?" 
WHAT’S ORGANIC ABOUT “ORGANIC?” rings the alarm for the need to develop 
an ecological
 consciousness.  The film illustrates that the organic food
 debate extends well beyond personal choice and into the realm of social
 responsibility. Each of the film’s characters is intimately connected to the organic 
world; they’re farmers, activists, and scientists.  While many folks can
 easily endorse “organic,” the characters in the film take the 
discussion beyond just shopping for another eco-label. As we glimpse 
into each of their lives, we see how organic agriculture has the 
potential to solve many of our environmental and health problems.  The 
film will explore how organic farming can be used as a soil and air 
protection system, a healthy solution to toxic pollution, and an 
innovative means to combat global warming.

                        196 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE
                            Fort Walton Beach  

EAT LOCAL 5PM  * held in the Art Lair, Unit G
We will hang out and eat yummy food from 5:00-6:00ish, then together clean up and and get ready for the movie which will start promptly at 6:30. 
Remember, this is a POTLUCK - so, please bring a food (with serving utensils) or beverage to share featuring local/regional foods.

And it would be
 great if you could bring plates and cups for your own use, 
 Remember the idea is to reduce your impact!

Here's a reminder on our food guidelines:The main portion of any dish should be from local or regional ingredients grown or harvested in Florida, Georgia, or Alabama. For example, zucchini bread should be made
 with zucchini that's as local as possible. But the flour, eggs, and other ingredients could be from anywhere, though if you can get them local--or organic—all the better. 
Any meat should be from organic or free-range animals. And yes, harvested can
 include wild plants, nuts, fish or game.

Here is a list of what's available in town:

Gaia's Natural Foods:Our goal is to create a self-supporting food community by providing cost- and health-conscious consumers within our area access to fresh, wholesome foods from local farmers, ranchers, and other providers.
and don't forget about...

Seaside Farmer's Market!!
THIS (and every) SATURDAY
             9am - 1:00pm

  • chicken and duck eggs 
  • whole chicken
  • beef
  • milk, cream, butter
  • honey 
  • arugula 

(just to name a few...)

Palafox Market, Downtown Pensacola 
Saturdays 8-2

Ever'man Natural Foods
315 W. Garden St

come see what everyone has this weekend!!!

Feel free to forward this to anyone who has the passion for eating locally...
And as always, we encourage you to walk, ride your bike, or carpool to the potluck!

If anyone has
 any questions, needs directions, or just wants to say hello please don't hesitate to call!
Looking forward to it!
Thanks you,
Nikki Lyons and Jon Via
Artesano Jewels 



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